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General information

  • the ChunkPlayer is the sample code for embedding active call's player
  • the code's directory is in WEBROOT/api/chunkplayer (example: /var/www/html/api/chunkplayer)
  • the code in this directory can be adjusted and embedded into another code


  • set appropriate variables in the configuration.php file:

define('VPMANAGERHOST', '');
define('VPMANAGERPORT', 5029);

define("MYSQL_HOST", "");
define("MYSQL_DB", "voipmonitor");
define("MYSQL_USER", "root");
define("MYSQL_PASS", "");

  • the VPMANAGERHOST and VPMANAGERPORT are used if the sensor id is not used in the play request

Example of use

how to get callref parameter

  • from the sensor via manager port
echo 'listcalls' | nc SENSOR_IP SENSOR_MANAGE_PORT

See the parameter 'callreference' in the output. (It's hexadecimal number.)